Ladders Kenya provides a wide range of climbing products including:

  • Extension Ladders
  • Leaning ladders
  • Standing Ladders
  • Combination Ladders
  • Multi Hinge Joint Ladders
  • Extension Scaffolds
  • Work Platforms

Ladders Kenya are Recognized METAFORM Products and have been Trusted by everyone for over 25 years.

The METAFORM products are manufactured using high quality materials and very specific alloys, selected with care at their origin and subjected to severe acceptance tests, and according to what defined by the European procedures in conformity with EN131 standards.
The Project Team studies and designs each single element of the METAFORM products, bearing in mind the high level of stress which derives from professional and intensive use and the need to always guarantee maximum operational safety. The planning phase is performed in compliance with European procedures defined by the EN131 standards, which is a guarantee of constant technological improvements to offer professionals products which are in continuous evolution.