Type 142

Type 142

Height: from 2.5 m to 25 m

Length: 1.85 m, 2.45 m and 3.05 m.

standard Width: 1.35 m

Load: 150 kg/m2, max. 500 kg

Easy and safe, mainly suited for industrial and professional use where there are long heights. The wide frames and the double supports guarantee a very good standing, high load and safety. Universal: The metaform rolling scaffold became our best seller, it comes with 3 different lengths to meet all the customers need, so almost all applications will be covered. Versatile: The metaform rolling scaffold type 142 is extremely versatile. With the appropriate additional components, depending on the application various frameworks or smaller frames can be coonected to each other. Stability: Maximum security and stability with minimum weight by using 51 mm aluminum profile pipes from extra high strength alloy. Platform: The platform is made of a very high strength aluminum profile, the surface is waterproofed and non slippery. Special wheels: 200 mm diameter with breaks. It comes with a 75 cm spindle for leveling adjustments while using on an uneven ground

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