32-10 Double Side Standing Rung Ladder

KSh25,000.00 KSh17,500.00

Technical Details

–       Beam Dimensions 60×25 mm. (R30-6 to R32-8), 73×25 mm. (R32-10 to R32-14), 85×25 mm. (R32-16 to R32-20).

–       Square Rung Profile: 28×28 mm.

–       Maximum Load Capacity: 150 Kg.

–       Equipment: Aluminum rectangular Profile, Steel Hook, Rubber Feet.

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Type R32 (Double Ladder)

Professional trade double side standing rung ladder

Class 2 conform to EN131.

Manufactured with the highest grade and quality aluminum.

The expansion is fixed with strong straps.

It has light, strong, safe and long lifespan design.

The slip risk is eliminated with rubber foot caps.

Swinging is prevented with the use of foots extended to sides.

Ideal for all types of trade work.

* Average safe height when used on 3rd step from above.


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